Insist on SERVICE...

by Joel Johnson, May 21, 2016

Have you ever been to an automotive repair shop where they act as if you're bothering them? Ever feel like the information they're talking to you about with YOUR vehicle is overly technical? Tuffy Ankeny understands this and knows how you feel. 

At one time all of the staff at Tuffy Ankeny has had to repair our own vehicles or have had family and friends who have undergone an expensive and painful repair process. I used to have dealerships or repair shops maintain my personal vehicles. I usually felt that they were too busy to take the time with me and often disguised the message with too technical of jargon for me to understand. Never was there a warranty explained, implied, or promised. Usually I'd hear 'This should take care of the problem.' 

Since starting at Tuffy Ankeny I've observed that there is an endless amount of information on YouTube, Google, forums, and advertised by auto service providers that can be misleading. Take brakes for example. We've been lead to believe that replacing your brake pads only will fix your brakes. Very rarely is this the case. When you see a coupon for 'Front or Rear Brake Special' that claims they'll do your brakes for $99.99 or $159.95 be sure to read the fine print. Does this include new rotors, turning/reconditioning of the rotors? Does this include replacing old, worn out brake hardware? Do they clean and lubricate the caliper components that are as old as the brake pads you're replacing? Read the fine print - they don't. At Tuffy Ankeny we start every brake service with an inspection where we inspect and measure the pads, rotors, drums, hardware, calipers, and brake fluid system. Every brake service performed at Tuffy is 'Done Right. Period', and by that I mean we measure, test, and recommend what is best for you. We will give you options and the benefits or pitfalls of doing only 'part of the job'. That's why EVERYTHING we do at Tuffy Ankeny you're provided a Nationwide Warranty of 24 months or 24k miles AND 12 months of reimbursed Roadside Assistance should you ever find yourself needing towed, flat repaired, fuel service, lock out service, anything. 

Every customer at Tuffy Ankeny is treated with respect and understanding. We back up what we do and if something needs made right we make it right. Nothing is ever done to your vehicle that costs you money unless you've approved the cost and understand the repair being made. I've had the opportunity to make some great friends and know some great families since starting here in 2014. We'd love to have the chance to help you get the most out of your vehicle and stop small repair issues from becoming larger repair bills. That is our Mission at Tuffy Ankeny - To help each and EVERY customer get the most from their cars AND to stop small problems from becoming expensive or dangerous ones. You may not always like the news we bring you but you will at least know that we've done our jobs to help you achieve these two very important principles. 

God Bless and thank you for visiting Tuffy Ankeny's website. 

Joel Johnson - Tuffy Ankeny, Owner

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