BG Services at Tuffy Ankeny

by Joel Johnson, Jul 12, 2018

Tuffy Ankeny is pleased to bring you BG products for maintaining your car's expensive systems such as your Coolant System, Transmission, Differentials, Transfer Cases, Power Steering Systems, Engine and Fuel Systems, and Brake Fluid System. After years of successful use of a competing product we felt a switch to the industry leading provider of chemistry and fluid maintenance product is what we wanted for our customers. Ask us about our specials and with each inspection our Technicians will evaluate your car's systems, fluids, and maintenance schedule to recommend the right product/service for maintaining your vehicle. A well maintained vehicle will easily last you 200 to 300k miles. Additionally, BG offers a Warranty Policy on all major vehicle systems if your first maintenance service is performed before 100k miles. All they ask is that you continue to perform these services once every 30k and they will pay you, no questions asked, up to $2000 to replace a failed component of your vehicle that has failed. For example - you have a 2013 Ford Taurus with 80k on it and decide to have us flush your Transmission with our BG equipment and chemistry. You are automatically qualified to have warranty coverage on this vehicle so long as you continue to perform BG Transmission maintenance service on the on or before you put on 30k additional miles. If your Transmission unit needs replaced or repaired they will provide you with $2000 towards this repair. It's a great deal! 

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